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Other Writings by Steven D. Heller

Pet immigration. “Not without my cat,” Personal Experience piece in the Guardian Weekend.

US Asylum Law and Policy. “Other Serious Harm,” Discussion of the analytical framework for asylum adjudications in the US, and focusing on the possible extrapolation of regulatory provisions to protect victims of past persecution from “other serious harm.”

UK Trust and Estate Tax Law. “Cinderella Trusts,” Analysis of UK inheritance tax law changes in the Solicitors Journal. If you are looking for reasons to move from the UK to the US, add this to your list.

Environmental Protection and International Trade. "Sustainable Development (Patent Pending): International Issues in Intellectual Property Rights and Their Environmental Impact" A CIEL Working Paper(1992) discussing the need for a global approach to developing environmentally sound technologies--from combating global climate change to maintaining biodiversity (copies may be ordered from CIEL)

Also of Interest

Well Founded Fear and the Epidavros Project. Over 10 years ago, Shari Robertson and Michael Camerini filmed the inner workings of US asylum office adjudications. They not only produced an award-winning documentary film, "Well Founded Fear," but also a syllabus of training materials (on which Steven Heller served as a consultant) for students, advocates, or anyone interested in how society seeks to identify and grant refuge to asylum seekers. You can find the training materials here: