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Providing Personal Advice on US Immigration Matters

SDH US Immigration Law is the solo law practice of Steven D Heller.  The practice is limited to US visa, immigration and citizenship matters.  We provide personal attention to every matter we handle. Based in Lewes, we are easily accessible from London and throughout the UK and Europe.   Through the Internet, we are accessible throughout the world.

Through our Of Counsel relationship with Melissa Chavin (Chavin Immigration), we can offer expanded access to legal services in the UK. With connections to New York-based US immigration law firms, we are also able to coordinate personal legal services on both sides of the pond.

For individuals seeking advice with UK immigration, we recommend 4A Law (see UK Immigration in the links in the left column).

Recommendations from LinkedIn


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  • David Goldblatt

    David Goldblatt

    Writer, Broadcaster, Academic

    February 12, 2018, David was a client of Steven D’S

    Steven has organised innumerable and tricky visas for me J-1/H-1/B-1 and got it done every time. great stuff.
  • Mark McCowan

    Mark McCowan

    Director of Influencer Marketing at Lion Brand Yarn Company

    February 10, 2018, Mark was a client of Steven D’S

    Steven helped me get my permanent residency case in 2013 in what was not a simple case. He was incredibly honest and upfront , he really knows what he is talking about. He explains things in a way that you understand. He is accurate , stays on top of all the numerous details and makes it happen. On top of it all he is a genuinely nice guy , I cannot recommend Steven enough.
  • Ivan Geddis

    Ivan Geddis

    Supply Chain Manager

    November 23, 2017, Ivan was a client of Steven D’S

    Steven has been a great help to me in US visa matters over a number of years. 
    He is professional knowledgeable and unflappable. I would trust Steen with any visa issues both work and personal.
  • Julie Dinnerstein

    Julie Dinnerstein

    Law Office of Julie E. Dinnerstein

    February 25, 2015, Julie worked with Steven D but at different companies

    Steven is my go-to guy for all questions relating to consular processing from the UK.
  • Colette O'Neill

    Colette O'Neill

    English Teacher at Chicago Public Schools

    May 26, 2014, Colette was a client of Steven D’S

    Steven Heller helped my husband and I after being separated for 3 years after filing an I-601 hardship waiver. We had gone through two lawyers in Chicago who could not help us. My husband who was living in Brighton at the time, went to speak to Mr. Heller. Once Steven began to work with us, my husband was home to our family in Chicago after only one year of his services. He is an amazing lawyer and a remarkable person. Our husband and I had a complex immigration issue and Steven was absolutely superior and knowledgable in his work. Our family is forever grateful to Mr. Heller. He cared and was so professional to work with. Thank you Mr. Heller, you are truly a class act.
  • Danish Ali Ahmad

    Danish Ali Ahmad

    Business Intelligence Specialist

    May 23, 2013, Danish Ali was a client of Steven D’S

    Steve helped me with my wife's application i-824 (follow to join) in 2010-2011. Although i was miles away from him, but his Correspondence was remarkable. He Understand and advise the best course of action with full detail. I find him diligent, polite, well informed and reliable. Thanks Steeve.
  • J. Robbins-Muff

    J. Robbins-Muff

    Non-Profit Organization Management Professional

    November 6, 2012, J. was a client of Steven D’S

    This company has changed the lives of our entire family in a way we never thought possible.
    Steven D Heller tells it how it is. He might not tell you what you want to hear or even say what you want to listen to but rather, you will know exactly where you stand.
    In the meantime Mr Heller will be pulling old strings, yanking rusty chains and dusting the desks of bureaucracy, until one day, you will be stood, listening with one heck of a grin on yer face
  • Jemma Theobald

    Jemma Theobald

    Highschool Chemistry Teacher at The King's Academy, Sunnyvale, CA

    June 27, 2012, Jemma was a client of Steven D’S

    We hired Steven D Heller for an emergency immigration case and asked the impossible of him. Yet he continually impressed us with the skill, efficiency, speed and genuine care he put into our case. He was always very trustworthy, honest and upfront about where we were in the process and what the odds were while constantly putting all his energy into trying to improve them and speed up the process. We couldn't have asked for a better or more friendly lawyer to deal with our case. As an example of how much he cares about his clients he even drove up to London from Brighton just to have coffee with us and make us feel more at ease before our interview at the US embassy in London. Couldn't recommend him more!
  • John Smalley

    John Smalley

    CEO / Founder @ BLUESMITHS

    June 14, 2012, John was a client of Steven D’S

    Steven made my US visa application process as efficient and as seamless as possible and it was a real pleasure working with him. He clearly has a deep understanding of the relevant laws and practices. I point all of my acquaintances who have any US immigration questions his way and he has always done an excellent job for them, too.
  • Matt Theobald

    Matt Theobald

    Associate Account Manager at Decca Design

    May 23, 2012, Matt was a client of Steven D’S

    Steven handled our immigration visa case in a very professional and efficient manner. He got the results we needed in a far shorter time that we were expecting demonstrating how much time and effort he puts into his work. He is a very friendly and personable man who is always on your side and trying to make the process of visa applications as simple and as pain free as possible. I have no hesitation in recommending Steven and his work as second to none.
  • Pierrot Rugaba

    Pierrot Rugaba

    Regional Representative-ORR (U.S DHHS/ACF)

    April 25, 2012, Pierrot was a client of Steven D’S

    I hired Steven to handle a relative's immigration dossier. Steven knows his subject, he knows the system and the people in it. 

    Simply put, you get all in one....the best deal.
  • Adam Goodall

    Adam Goodall

    Freelance Producer / Director at Freelance Video Professional

    February 6, 2012, Adam was a client of Steven D’S

  • Elise Horowitz

    Elise Horowitz

    Investment Strategy Specialist, Emerging Markets, Retail and Alternative Investments

    January 18, 2012, Elise was a client of Steven D’S

    A fantastic attorney who goes the extra mile for his clients. I'd highly recommend Steven Heller for all immigration issues.
  • James O'Byrne

    James O'Byrne

    Third Level Consultants

    January 18, 2012, James was a client of Steven D’S

    Steven was integral in procuring my work visa for the USA on more than one occasion. Mine was a particularly unique case but Steven professionally navigated us through challenging waters and helped me enjoy over 10 years in the US. Steven delivers a personal touch, as opposed to the cold service that can be experienced in larger partnerships and ultimately made a potentially stressful experience very smooth.
  • Stephen King

    Stephen King

    Menswear Designer, Educationalist, out of the box thinker.

    January 18, 2012, Stephen was a client of Steven D’S

    Steven Heller manages to see through and guide one through a legal maze with a calming and informative manner that helps smooth ones anxiety. To top it all, I got the result I wished for.
  • Colin Stretch

    Colin Stretch

    Electrician at C Stretch Electrical

    January 18, 2012, Colin was a client of Steven D’S

    I used Steven for Immigration purposes to allow me to live in the USA. I was amazed at his attention to detail and expertise in the subject matter. I would recommed him without question and already have done.
  • Terrance Milligan

    Terrance Milligan

    Member of Technical Staff/Copy Editor at Industrial Internet Consortium

    July 18, 2011, Terrance reported directly to Steven D

    From September 2001 to January 2002, I interned at the New York Association for New Americans (NYANA) in New York City under the direct supervision of Mr. Steven Heller when he was the supervising attorney there. Having served in the U.S. Army as an NCO and looking back on my internship experience at NYANA with great fondness, I can most assuredly say that Mr. Heller is certainly one of the finest and most ethical leaders I have ever had the distinct honor of working for. He was always considerate of his subordinates, while eliciting their maximum efficiency. Perhaps the greatest quality of character Mr. Heller demonstrated while I interned at NYANA was his genuine concern for the well-being of all his staff at NYANA in the wake of the tragic events of September 11, 2001. It is because of Mr. Heller's exceptional attributes as a professional and as a human that I do not hesitate to give my absolute recommendation.