What to expect in a consultation.

We consider the consultation to be your opportunity to obtain professional legal advice on matters relating to US immigration and citizenship--specific to your circumstances.  Consultations may be in-person or by phone/Skype/Facetime. We try to schedule consultations at your convenience and offer off-hours meetings, as well as consultations at your home or office (additional fees apply where travel is required).  

Because we view the consultation as service in itself, we charge a consultation fee. All consultations are without time limit. The consultation fee schedule is as follows:

Consultation: £500 +VAT (£600).

Travel: £50 per hour for travel from our office in Lewes, unless otherwise arranged.

At the conclusion of the consultation you should feel confident in understanding your US immigration or citizenship situation and what your options are.  If appropriate, you may also decide whether or not you wish to retain our services for further assistance. Fees for additional services will be billed separately from the consultation fee. 

To obtain the greatest benefit from the consultation, we therefore recommend that you come prepared to discuss all aspects of your US immigration or citizenship concerns--and bring any relevant documentation you may have, including passports, correspondence from the US embassy, court documents, professional references, or any other information you think might be relevant to the discussion.  We will give you as much time as you need to discuss your situation.  To prepare for the consultation, we also recommend you review our consultation questionnaire, which you can download from the Resources page.

    Client Rights and Responsibilities

    Steven D. Heller is a member of the New York State bar and is therefore responsible to adhere to the New York Lawyers Code of Professional Responsibility.  When you retain our services the attorney-client relationship that is created is also governed by those rules.  To understand your right and responsibilities, you may download the following documents from the Resources page:



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