Legal services to meet your US immigration needs

    • Identify visa options
    • Review of visa refusals
    • Advise individuals, families and businesses
    • Help US citizens and LPRs

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Experience with a personal touch 
Heller Immigration Law Ltd is the US citizenship, visa and immigration law practice of Steven D. Heller.  

Steven has been practicing US immigration law for over 20 years--on both sides of the Atlantic. A former USCIS and INS officer, he served assignments at headquarters in Washington DC and the US Embassy in London.  Steven understands the personal element of immigration, which is not limited to family matters, but includes large and small businesses, investors, and anyone who has to seek permission to enter the United States. 

Steven and his staff are committed to providing high quality legal advice and representation at reasonable rates. We strive to deliver professional, personalized service to meet your individual needs.

UK and Beyond As a UK-based practice, we are pleased to be accessible to people in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, but equally accommodating to those further afield--readily accessible by Skype or Facetime.